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Although flowers can be imported or grown in greenhouses to help make certain types available all year round, the price and availability of flowers does change throughout the year. At Fleurisa, a Harrogate Florist, Seasonal flowers are cheaper and easier to find, making them the better option for many brides.

October is probably best known as the month that hosts Halloween every year. It’s also a month when you can see some amazing autumn flowers, particularly those in gold, brown and orange.

Your Harrogate Florist have a list of all the flowers you can find in October displayed below. This month marks the end of autumn and the start of winter so there will be fewer plants and flowers to see from now until spring.

Acacia — Tiny yellow flowers also known as Mimosa.
Alstroemeria — Popular, long lasting flowers, also known as a Peruvian Lily.
Amaryllis — large, trumpet-shaped flowers.
Anemone — delicate flowers available in various colours.
Anthurium — waxy looking exotic flowers.
Aster — also known as a Michaelmas Daisy.
Bouvardia — clusters of small, tubular flowers.
Calla Lily — Striking lilies. Available in white and other colours. However not all colours are available all year long. Check with us at Fleurisa for advice on availability of colours.
Carnation — long-lasting and wonderful for using on their own or in bouquets.
Cattleya orchid — large, brightly coloured orchids.
Celosia — crinkled flowers. Different varieties are available.
Chrysanthemum — large, showy flowers.
Cymbidium orchid — striking flowers, with many on each stem.
Dahlia — dramatic round flowers.
Delphinium — tall flower spikes.
Echinops — globe-shaped, prickly blue flower.
Euphorbia — curving stems with a lot of tiny flowers available in various colours.
Freesia — highly scented flowers in various colours.
Gerbera — contemporary, daisy-like flower available in various colours.
Gladiolus — traditional flower used in large arrangements. Miniature varieties are also available.
Gloriosa — A type of lily available in dramatic yellow and cerise.
Gypsophila — tiny white flowers, perfect as a filler or used on its own.
Hydrangea — enormous flowerheads available in various colours.

Hydrangeas, with their distinctive, pretty, densely covered spherical heads of petals make ideal flowers for decorating large areas of your venue and can look stunning in bouquets and as table centrepieces.

Hypericum — the berries are a popular autumnal filler.
Iris — popular, but a relatively short-lived flower.
Lilac — a popular flower with a lovely, strong scent.
Lily — lilies are available throughout the year, but check with us at Fleurisa for advice on availability of colours.
Lisianthus — popular and available in various colours.
Nerine — clusters of delicate flowers.
Oncidium orchid — small flowers along the stems available in many shades.
Phalaenopsis orchid — large, striking orchids which are wonderful for bouquets.
Phlox — popular country garden flower.
Rose — needs no explanation! Available in almost every colour.
Stephanotis — individual white, waxy flowers, makes wonderful buttonholes and bouquets.
Sunflower — striking flower, usually in yellow.

Why not have a look at our full range. Our Collections for the Home will truly inspire you.

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