Valentines Day Flowers by Fleurisa

Valentines day flowers are the perfect way to show your loved one how special they are. Flowers have always been the centre of Valentines Days with the iconic red rose being the most sold flower in the world on the 14th February.

As times change so do trends in the flower industry, and with people opting for more creative ideas when it comes to flowers, we have seen a rise in the number of alternatives. So what other bouquets can you send on Valentines Day?

Take a look at our list of Valentines Day alternative. All in stock from our Leeds Florist depot.

iris bouquet valentines day


These purple flower’s name originates from the Greek word for rainbow. The blossom comes in more than 200 different hues. An arrangement from just Iris’s or in a combination really show creativity to your loved one.


The gorgeous Gerbera Daisy comes in a variety of options at our Leeds florists, offering you the chance to share this flower’s beauty with that someone special. The Gerbera Daily comes in a variety of colours so maybe you want to choose the colour or colours that carry a special meaning for your relationship, a bouquet of these flowers are sure to brighten up anyone’s Valentine’s day.

Chrysanthemum flowers leeds delivery valentines day


With their full petals and range of colors, these pom-like shapes are among the world’s most beloved flowers.

Orchid bouquet bunch flowers leeds valentines


Classically elegant, pure and strong. Nothing presents loves more than an orchid and is a perfect symbol of your love for your partner and loved ones.

lily and roses valentines day leeds florist fleurisa


Known as a majestic blossom of passion, The humble lily is another great option for your bouquet. Although they’re most often seen in shades of white, lilies also come in a variety of colors that will brighten up your sweetheart’s day.

sunflowers for valentines day alternative to roses fleurisa leeds


It may seem a little cliche but sunflowers can be a powerful statement of just how much that special person means to you. Celebrated around the world for their unmistakable, yellow petals, and luscious green stems, these flowers are guaranteed to make any arrangement brilliant. Go full out with a bouquet of sunflowers or have a few added to your mixed arrangement. They come in a range of sizes and will be sure to brighten Valentine’s Day.

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